Hiker Families,

At Highland, we want every student to RISE to be his or her best self.  Our RISE expectations for students and staff are that we are Respectful, Inclusive, Safe and Engaged.  We appreciate the significant majority of our students who RISE to their best selves every day. Students who demonstrate RISE expectations are recognized with Hiker points that can be redeemed at the Hiker Store on Wednesdays in the cafeteria.  If you would like more information about how we recognize and reward our students who demonstrate the expectations, please call or email us.

Our expectation is that students arrive for class on time and prepared with both a binder and Chromebook.  Students cannot be fully Engaged unless they are prepared with the necessary materials.  Students who are tardy are expected to have an adult check them in and escort them to the assigned class.  This allows teachers to start instruction when the bell rings without interruption.  Students are expected to remain in class unless given a hall pass by the teacher.  This ensures that every student is safe and accounted for.  It is also expected that students are respectful and use language that keeps everyone, students and staff, safe from emotional harm. 

Any student who is verbally abusive or openly disrespectful to a staff member, is truant from class, or walks away from an adult attempting to escort them to class will be sent home for the remainder of the day.  A meeting with a parent or guardian to develop a plan for success will be required before the student returns to classes.

Please help us keep Highland a peaceful environment where everyone, staff and students, feel safe and accepted. You are an important and appreciated partner in your child’s learning.  Please review and discuss these expectations with your students.  If you would like information on how to be involved please call the office at 801-737-7718.

Terry G. Humphreys, Principal